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How to WIN at Coworking


So you are thinking of signing up for a coworking space or have just signed on the dotted line. You have done your research into the benefits of being part of a coworking community but now find yourself asking the following questions:

How do I make the most of my coworking fee?

How do I gain the added value benefits of being in a coworking community?

How should I be assessing the impact of working my new space?

Here are our tips to all current & future members in making the most of being part of Rume2 or any other coworking space.

1.       Be prepared

If you have a membership for a certain number of hours a month make sure you use them. Think ahead about the times you want to work there and plan your days accordingly. Don’t make the decision each morning on where you want to be working as you wont have allowed for travel, organised what you want to wear in public or the weather might be bad. There will be any number of excuses you make for not going and then you will resent the fact you are paying for time that you haven’t used.

Before you leave for your coworking space make sure you have everything you need too. Your laptop is charged, you have the cable, your note pad etc. We have had members turn up and have to leave straight away again as they have forgotten something major they needed to work!

2.       Be social

Coworking is exactly that….COWORKING. One of the major benefits of not working alone is the friendships, camaraderie, skill swap, collaboration opportunities etc. etc. So don’t join a coworking space and just sit there and not talk to anyone.

Introduce yourself to those on your table, smile at people. Make small talk when making a drink in the kitchen. Be friendly to those around you, listen, be interested. You never know what useful people you will have working around you.

3.       Give as well as take

As you make friends or acquaintances there is no doubt you will be asked to share your expertise with others. Be prepared to give as well as take and do people favours, give them 5 minutes of your time. Even if they aren’t an immediate opportunity they may be later or know someone who is now.

4.       Don’t sell

Yes one of the major benefits of coworking is to gain new customers or business opportunities, however this is not a networking group. Don’t annoy or alienate people with a hard sell, a thrust of a business card, or hassle them for a meeting. Be patient and befriend people and the opportunities will come.

5.       Get to know the management

Take the time to get to know those who are running the space. If you are on good terms with them you will be the top of their list when others ask for any recommendations for services you offer. Don’t forget their job is to nurture the community and make sure relevant connections are made.

You are also more likely to be given the first heads up when there are fresh treats on offer in the kitchen!

6.       Get involved



Any good coworking space will offer a range of added value sessions for members to improve business skills, wellness, creativeness or just meet interesting people. Make it your business to pay attention to what is going on and get involved. You are paying to use the space to make sure you get all the added benefits on offer too. Learn new things, meet new people, expand your mind.

Better still offer to run a talk or workshop of your own. Take the opportunity to run an event with no need to pay for the space to an audience of fellow members.

7.       Invest in good headphones

There will be times in a popular coworking space that you need to shut off the buzz, get your head down and avoid distraction. You may find that tricky in a room of people. The best way to do this is to make sure you have a pair of good noise cancelling headphones. Put your favourite music on and away you go.

8.       Drink ALL the coffee


Make the most of the free refreshments on tap.  Tea, Coffee, Beer, Fruit, Cake. Whatever is on offer you have kind of paid for already so make the most of it!!!

9.       Move around

Lastly don’t sit in the same place all of the time. A good coworking space will have been designed to give you a range of different places to try working. Booths, tables, standing desks. Move around, enjoy working in different environments and meet new people.

After all variety is the spice of life!!!

Following our tips above will ensure you gain every benefit possible from your place of work. There are so many benefits to a coworking space over and above a desk it would be silly to waste it and miss out on full value for your money. No-one wants to fall into the Gym Membership trap!!

To find out more about the benefits of working at our coworking space just get in touch on and book in for a Free Trial

If you are a member already then get following the tips above!!!


Rosie Freshwater