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what our members say


Harriet - secret Linen Store

Harriet owns a business with premises in the area but likes to use Rume2 to hold offsite meetings and benefits from the community program too.

Corri - gary noone construction

Corrie and her team all use Rume2 as a place to meet and work together. She loves the space and the benefit of working alongside other people.

Debbie Ford - The Chichester Social

Debbie works in social media and as one of our founding members has seen huge benefit to her business in the last 6 months.

nick davis - developer

Nick has found Rume2 to be the most cost effective place to run his business from

Ranald lloyd williams - videographer

Ranald enjoys having a dedicated desk with us allowing him to use a large screen and store his belongings here securely. He has made some great friends here too!

alan fisher - graphic designer

Alan gets so much more done at Rume2 than he ever does at home.

Freya Ward - Account Director

Freya works at Rume2, along with her colleague, on a regular basis to work in-between her UK & Global travels as an international account director. She loves the flexibility on her dedicated desk membership and the community feel to the space.

frank bennett - co-founder Digiboard

Frank is one of the Co-Founders of Digiboard, an online governance review service for charities. Although Frank also works from home he knows the benefits of working in a co-working space, he loves the relaxed environment and he feels like he’s at home when he works here. The good energy keeps him productive and he loves the sense of community.