Chichester coworking space & meeting rooms
Rume2 work together for independents & local business

The Founders


our passion for chichester


It all started when…

Founders Lucy & Rosie were frequenting one of Chichesters’ many fine local independent establishments, bemoaning the fact that there didn’t seem to be anywhere for local businesses, entrepreneurs & freelancers to work, talk & grow together.

Both have successful careers as creative freelancer & entrepreneur. Both spotted a lack of facilities in the city to bring together all of the amazing business people operating in the local area.

A idea was born to create a welcoming & inspirational environment to nurture collaboration & growth. A space that would offer Rume2work, Rume2talk & Rume2grow.

It’s been a long time coming & we have had to overcome a large number of challenges but finally Rume2 is here.

A local business to support local enterprise

A new community to support business growth

A really REALLY nice place to work

Why not come and see for yourself and book a free trial!