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Vince Starr

Part 2 of this course on - how to take much better pictures with your smartphone or camera. For work or pleasure Learn from Vince Starr's 20+ years professional photography experience working for big brands and small businesses in London, Madrid and West Sussex. He's giving three talks to share his experience and teach you all the tips you can handle. There are three dates to these free interactive workshops:

Photography Part 1 - August 22 The Basics. Learning about composition, backgrounds. framing, distances and angles. Understanding natural and artificial light. Controlling your environment.

Photography Part 2 - September 26 Smartphone / Camera Settings & Equipment. Re-cap on previous workshop and compare notes. The link between exposure times, shutter speeds, aperture and ISO / film speeds. Zoom and prime lenses vs digital cropping. Long exposures, time-lapse, night photography. Tripods and gimbals (video). + questions.

Photography Part 3 - October 24th From Amateur to Professional Lighting & Editing Workflow. Shooting Raw and Jpeg. Web galleries and PDFs. Editing techniques and fast turnarounds. Applying filters and block processing images. Using and manipulating lights with diffusers, reflectors, filters and random objects / materials. + image reviews and questions.


Earlier Event: September 18
Later Event: October 2