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Top tips for healthy coworkers


Many of us who work at a coworking space are self-employed, freelancers or solopreneurs & therefore by definition work a great deal of the time by ourselves. That’s one of the main reasons you join a Coworking space, right? To be around others, share knowledge, advice & collaborate.

Bouncing off other like-minded individuals can be of great benefit to your business, but also let’s not forget being around others also has great benefits for mental health as well. Someone to share a problem with, ask for advice or celebrate success with.

As coworkers we spend so much of the time working hard, aiming high & dealing with pressure, often with great passion & motivation, but many of us are also rather bad at looking after ourselves physically & mentally.

We can be doing so much to further our business we forget that the most important factor in growing a business successfully & sustainably is ourselves. If we fall over then the business falls over.

Inspired by a brilliant talk from fantastic networking group Last Friday Club we went to this morning we thought we would share the things we try & do at Rume2 to ensure as founders we stay healthy but also that our lovely members look after themselves too.

1.       Hydration & nutrition

Of course, the number one thing to do is to make sure you have adequate food & drink to keep you going. We have industrial strength coffee on tap to help our members buzz but you can’t live off that alone. This is why we offer a range of healthy snacks to our members. Nutrition balls, fruit & lemon infused water all help to ensure Rume2 members stay hydrated & energised throughout the day.


2.       Fresh air

We all need oxygen to survive but we also need it to stay alert & focused. It’s important that you aren’t locked away in a stuffy room when working & you keep your lings filled with fresh clean air. Make sure you keep a flow of air wherever you are working & add lots of lovely plants to filter the air on your behalf. We have filled Rume2 with as many plants as possible, they look great too!


3.       Keep moving

Don’t sit & stare at your screen all day. It isn’t good for your eyes & it certainly isn’t good for your circulation. Take regular breaks, get up from your desk & look at something different. Engage your body & brain with something different.

 We encourage our members to come out for a walk with us every Friday. Not only does it give us a mental break, it burns the calories, helps us to get to know each other better & it’s just good for the soul.


4.       Engage with others

A problem shared is a problem halved. Making connections at a coworking space is one of the main benefits of using one, so make the most of it. We are not suggesting just chatting all day instead of getting on with any work, but introducing yourself to someone on your table, having a natter over lunch or listening to someone share their story can have a huge positive benefit to your mental wellbeing. You may learn something really useful, you may gain or give some valuable advice, or you may just realise that there are others in the same boat & everyone is paddling hard in different directions (not always the right one!). So be brave & say hello the next time you are in.


5.       Don’t be a slave to the job

All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy. It also increases stress, impacts motivation & reduces happiness. The beauty of coworking means you can be the master of your own destiny. Take the time out to do things you love. Enjoy a hobby, work out in the middle of the day, learn a new skill. Any time spent on your own happiness & self-improvement will reap so many rewards.

 We encourage this at Rume2 by holding a range of workshops & talks to allow our members time out from the day to day. We have had workshops on Macramé & Paper Cut Illustrations. We have had wellness sessions on nutrition & motivation. We arrange regular inspirational & educational talks from other business people.


Please see our Community Calendar for the events we have coming up in May & beyond.

There are so many more ways you can ensure as a coworker you are looking after yourself but hopefully these are some starting tips that we make it easy for you to stick to at Rume2.

Go on look after yourself!

Rosie Freshwater