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Charlotte Wickins - Human Fit™ FOR PURPOSE COACH

Knowing our top 6 values, is the key to uncovering  purpose and to building an authentic personal brand. Charlotte will be speaking about the variety of elements that combine to uncover authentic purpose and to working towards creating a unique personal brand.  She will hand out a values sheet for us to review and reflect on, to help us achieve clarity as to our core principles.

When we understand our top values, we can make decisions with ease, knowing we are being true to ourselves.  These value-based decisions affect how we go on to lead our own lives; develops the Leader within. 

Human Fit™ for Purpose recognizes the Leader within.  By joining up the dots from the past, to the present and to the future to help us build clarity, confidence and a direction of travel. 

Being able to articulate our own values, also helps us to also understand our usp’s better -  to clearly articulate our authenticity at home, and at work – creates authentic stories and inner alignment – helps us to value ourselves and others as ‘human beings’ not just a ‘human doings’. 


Earlier Event: July 11
Later Event: August 7